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This is where you can view your account information and basic statistics, edit password and various defaults.

Click the Auracle logo on any panel.
Auracle defaults to Defaults, one of three Admin pages you can select from the panel options.




a. Date format

Select your favorite date format.
Has immediate effect in the entire application.

b. Time format

Select 24-hour or am/pm.
Has immediate effect in the entire application.

c. Print format

This affects the pdf chart you can generate on various panels.
Select A4 or Letter.

d. Browser background

Select white, black and greys between.


f. Now location

1. IP adress: Auracle determines the Now location automatically based on your IP address.

2. Preset: You can set any location as the default: Check box, start typing country or US state name, confirm with <tab> or <enter> when it appears, then start typing place name and confirm.

g. Transit preview interval

Select the default Preview interval.

h. Start-up panel

You can select the panel that appears upon log in.

- Subscriber's transit: A Transit composite of you at your current location and time.

- Subscriber: Your individual design.

- Someone else: As soon as you check the box, a Find panel opens. Search and select anyone outside of the Find box with a single click. Next time you sign in that person's design is opened.

i. Composites

If selected (default), Auracle displays only first names on Composites and Transit composites.



a. On the left is credit where credit is due.

b. On the right side is your account info with the option to change the password.

Place cursor in "new password" field, type new password and confirm with <tab> or <enter>.

- If you need to change the username, please write to zen@auracle.com




When Auracle saves a design, it also saves the design's Definition type and Mode. By reading this info, it can generate the anonymous and current statistics on this panel.
There are ideas to expand this feature to other criteria, but that lies in the future.



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