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Displays the combined design of a pair of individuals.

a. On the Individual panel click the Combine button.

b. Find for Composite opens.

c. Find and select the second person and confirm.

d. Auracle displays the Composite panel.



Body Graph

Shows all 26 activations of the first person in black and all 26 activations of the second person in purple. There's no distinction between Personality and Design gates.




Calculation data displays the first person's name and birth data in black and the second person's name and birth data in purple, corresponding to the body graph colors.


Definition Type and Mode display.


Calculation results


a. Symbols for the 13 "planets."

b. 1st person Personality gate.line activations.

c. 1st person Design gate.line activations.

d. 2nd person Personality gate.line activations.

e. 2nd person Design gate.line activations.

A golden highlight underneath b. c. d. or e. indicates that the gate is natally defined.

A teal highlight underneath b. c. d. or e. indicates that the gate is defined by the composite.


Detail buttons

a. Circuitry: Click on one of four buttons to see circuitry in the body graph. Click button again to return to standard display.

b. Notes: Click to open notepad.


Panel options

a. Combine: Select a third person to generate a Triple Composite panel.

b. Transit: Click to display the Composite Transit panel. Initializes to your current location and can be edited for other times and places.

c. Flip composite: The black/purple button switches first and second person, so that the colors are reversed. An additional tab button is automatically inserted so that you can compare.


Session tabs

When you generate a composite, Auracle automatically inserts a tab for the second person and adds a composite button to the first person's tab. This makes it easy to compare the two individuals and their composite.


Ancillary options

a. Chart: Generates a printable pdf chart of the current composite design.

- The chart opens in a new browser window. Click on the browser's Save button to save to your computer.

- Print size of A4 or letter defaults to your location. You can change it on the Admin panel.

b. Save: Composites are not saved automatically. The button saves the current composite to the first individual's folder. It will be retrievable on the Find panel.

- It is so easy to quickly calculate a composite, that in practice it's barely ever necessary to save.



You can delete any saved composite design on the Find panel.


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