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Individual Context

Allows you to view and add peripheral info on the person and to edit the birth data.

On the Individual panel, click the Context button. The calculation display changes. Clicking the button again returns to standard display.


age: Elapsed time since the individual's birth.

gender: Click underneath number of years to enter gender.

date added: When added to your database (auto).

design ID: Unique system number (auto). May be helpful in problem solving.

data source: Click to the right of it and select from dropdown.

Rodden rating: Displays automatically if data source is selected.

Albums: Lists all albums to which this design has been added.


Click on "add" to open the note pad.

a. The cursor is in the title field, ready to accept your typing. Confirm with <tab> or <enter>.

b. The cursor is now in the text field. Type your note.

c. The date of a new note defaults to today's date. Single click into day, month or year lets you edit day, month or year separately.

d. Double click on date to edit entire date.

e. Click close button on top right to save the note, which now appears in the notes list.

f. Single click on a list entry opens the note for viewing or editing.

g. Don't forget to save with Close button after edit.


Editing individual data

Click on the E button that is available in the panel options when in context mode.

Works like Transit editing, but need to catch up with the manual.



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