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This is where you enter new birth data to generate an individual design.
Click the New button on any panel.


Enter names

a. As soon as the New panel is open, you can start typing. The cursor is waiting for you in the highlighted input field "Last name." Type the name and confirm with <tab> or <enter>.

- You don't need to enter a Last name.
Simply leave empty and confirm with <tab> or <enter>.

- With the exception of "Last name", all fields are required input.

b. After you've comfirmed your entry, the data fields queued up below scoot up by one and "First name" is now in the input field. Enter and confirm with <tab> or <enter>. And so on.


Enter birth date

a. You enter the birth date as numbers in separate fields "day", "month", "year", in that order.

- birth day: 1-31
- birth month: 1-12
- birth year: yyyy

b. After each entry confirm with <tab> or <enter>.

- Auracle accepts years from 999 BCE to 3441 CE.
- Enter BCE years with a preceding minus, e.g. "-67" for 67 BCE.
- There is no year 0. December 31, -1 is followed by January 1, 1.

- Always enter Gregorian dates, even prior to 1582.


Enter birth time

a. Enter time in 24-hour format with four digits.

0034, 0756, 1043
1216, 1445, 2323

You may also use a : to separate hours from minutes:

00:34, 07:56, 10:43
12:16, 14:45, 23:23

b. ... or in am/pm format like this:

1234a, 756a, 1043a
1216p, 245p, 1123p

You may also use a : to separate hours from minutes:

12:34a, 7:56a, 10:43a
12:16p, 2:45p, 11:23p

c. Confirm entry with <tab> or <enter>.


Country/State selection

a. Enter a country or a US state.

- The Atlas regards the US states like countries.

- To select Georgia: Georgia country - Georgia US

- To select DC: Dist of Columbia

b. Start typing until desired country or US state appears in input field and confirm with <tab> or <enter>.


Place selection

a. Start typing the place name you’re looking for.

- Type "st " for place names starting with "Saint."

b. Auracle will suggest an alphabetical selection of names starting with the letter(s) you’ve typed.

c. When the name appears in the search field, you can confirm with <tab> or <enter>. Auracle will then calculate and display the Individual panel.

d. You can also double-click in the drop-down when the desired place name appears there.


Place missing

a. If you start typing a name that Auracle can’t find in its database, the suggestions will disappear.

b. You can now carefully complete the name you are looking for.

c. If you’re sure it’s spelled right, confirm with <tab> or <enter>. Auracle will then perform a quick geo location search and, if the name is found, insert it into its database and use it to calculate the Individual panel.

d. The previously missing place will now be available for selection to all Auracle subscribers.
Please be careful and responsible with this feature.

e. If Auracle is unable to find a place, …

… it will inform you and allow you another attempt.

Auracle has over a quarter million places in its database and is capable of finding even obscure locations.

- If you have trouble finding an exotic location, try checking for alternate spellings on Google.

- Consider that places sometimes change countries. For example, a place that once was in Czechoslovakia might today be found in Slovakia, not Czechia.

- If all else fails, pick a place nearby.


Abandoning new design input

As long as you haven't confirmed the last entry (Birth place), you can abandon the input process at any time by clicking on any of the available options.
After a typo, you could for example simply click the New button again to start over.


Saving a new design

After you've confirmed your last entry (Birth place), Auracle automatically saves the birth data in your database and calculates and displays the Individual panel.


Retrieving or deleting a saved design

You retrieve or delete any saved design with the Find panel.


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