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Click on the Now button on any panel to generate a current transit at your IP address or a preset location.

- Your IP address is the default, but since it is not necessarily your location, you can change the default on the Admin panel.


Body Graph

The body graph shows the current planetary activations in blue.

- The Moon is distinguished by a more greenish color (in the above example the 64). This helps you to locate it at a glance in consideration of its quick passage through a gate.


Data section


Calculation data displays the transit's name and data in blue.

- You can format date and time to your preference on the Admin panel.


Definition Type and Mode display.


Calculation results


a. Symbols for the 13 "planets."

b. Gate.line activations in blue.

A golden highlight underneath indicates that the gate is defined.

If planet is retrograde, a small R appears next to gate.line. Nodes always show both R or D.

d. Astrological positions.



c. Percentage bars: How far through the line has the planet progressed at this time?

You can click on a bar to display date and time of the next line and gate changes.

Panel options

a. Combine: Select a person to generate a Transit Composite.

- This ends the "Now" status of this panel and makes it a "Transit." The Now button turns off and the session has now a tab with an individual, a transit and a transit composite button.

b. Preview: Calculate a Transit Preview.

c. Transit with Design: The blue/pink button allows you to see the current transit with its design data, which of course equals the design of a person born right this minute. The button changes and now functions to switch back to transit only display.

d. Edit: Click the E button to edit transit data. See Transit Editing.


Session tabs

Generating a Now panel does not add a tab to the session. Only when you combine the transit with a person to generate a transit composite, will Auracle insert a tab.


Ancillary options

a. Chart: Generates a printable pdf chart of the current transit design.

- The chart opens in a new browser window. Click on the browser's Save button to save to your computer.

- Print size of A4 or letter defaults to your location. You can change it on the Admin panel.

b. Save: Transits are not saved automatically. The button saves the current transit to your folder. It will be retrievable on the Find panel.

- It is so easy to quickly calculate a transit, that in practice it's barely ever necessary to save.



You can delete any saved transit design on the Find panel.


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