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Transit editing

You can edit the transit's name, date, time and location.
Click the E button on a Now, Transit or Transit composite panel.

a. The E button lights up. Click again to quit editing.

b. The form is initialized with the initiating transit, with the cursor in the Name field, ready to type.

c. Type and/or confirm with <tab> or <enter>.

- You may want to change just one or two values, for example the time. <tab> or <enter> to the value, change it, then <tab> or <enter> through the rest until Auracle recalculates.

d. <tab> or <enter> through the entire list and along the process overwrite what you want to change. If an initialized entry already contains what you want, just <tab> or <enter> to accept it as is.

e. When you have confirmed the place, Auracle will recalculate the transit and display the updated panel.

f. On a tab, you can edit either the Transit or the Transit composite. Both will recalculate the associated complement as well.


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