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What is Auracle?

Auracle is software by Zen Human Design.
It's the software that Zeno and Chaitanyo always wanted.

It is rooted in the original Human Design System as it was presented in the early 1990s. This means that it is focused on the body graph, rather than keynotes and names. If you can read the body graph, Auracle will delight you, if you can't, it will teach you.

Auracle's unique, functional interface lets you see individuals in detail, how they dynamically connect with others and their planetary conditioning through past, present and future. It's focused on an innovative new body graph design that allows for three different colors, providing more visual opportunities and clarity.

With its unbiased presentation of the interconnecting mechanics, Auracle serves as a platform for independent research and is eminently helpful for remote sessions and teaching situations.


What you need

Auracle runs on a server. You access it with a browser, regardless of platform.

- Auracle has been tested on Edge, Chrome and Firefox for Windows
- and Chrome and Safari for Mac.

In the interest of clarity and focused functionality, Auracle is not mobile and does not work on a phone. It shines on a laptop or desktop, full screen browser with zoom set to 90-110% and the aid of a mouse or a touch pad.



About this manual

When logged in to Auracle you can currently reach this manual with the Tutor button.

Occasionally you'll encounter text in red. These are features we are currently still working on.
Something to look forward to.

Planned manual-wide demo videos will play with a button play .


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