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Chart service

If you are not a subscriber to Auracle with its built-in array of clean and informative charts, you can request individual charts as pdf.

The first three charts are free, subsequent charts are $2.50 (there's no commitment).


How it works:

a. Go to https://chartservice.auracle.com

b. Enter your email address

- This is where your pdf will be sent.
- Your email address is used exlusively to identify your chart service account.

c. On the right side, your account information appears.

- A new account has 3 free credits available.
- Every time you order a chart, 1 credit is deducted.
- You can buy additional credits at $2.50 each.

d. Fill in each field and confirm with <tab> or <enter> after each entry.

- Follow instructions at the bottom.

- The data you've entered is shown on top right.

e. Check your inbox.

- The pdf has been sent to your email address.

- One credit has been deducted from your total available.


f. Click on New to request another chart, or quit and come back later.


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