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Individual Returns and Oppositions

On the Individual panel, click the Returns button. Click again to return to standard.

The results show Uranus opposition and Solar, Saturn and Chiron returns for the life of the person.

The Uranus opposition is shown as a time period during which gate.line are repeatedly activated, for both P and D.
The exact opposition, when P Uranus hits the exact astrological position for the first time, is also shown.

The Returns section shows the returns of Saturn, Uranus and Chiron during a life span. These values are static. For the Sun the next annual return is calculated.

Clicking on any of the Transit buttons on the right generates a respective Transit composite.

All dates are written yyyy.mm.dd and times are UT.

- Chiron: As a result of a close encounter with Saturn in September 720 CE we cannot trace its prior orbit. Small uncertainties in today's orbital elements have chaotic effects before the year 700. Auracle therefore does not compute Chiron positions prior to year 700.


Click the Details button to see lifetime detailed return and opposition data for all planets, except the Moon.The module exists, but waits for its integration. Button does not yet work.


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