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Sign up, sign in, renew



Auracle is offered by annual subscription.
A subscription includes all of Auracle's features, including its updates and expansions.


Sign up

You can sign up for Auracle here, or by clicking the Sign Up button on Auracle's home page at https://auracle.com.

You'll be taken to Zen Human Design's shopping cart for your payment.

Auracle will then create your account and send your credentials to the email address you provided (check your spam filter if it isn't in your inbox). This address is also your user name.
Click the link provided to reach the Sign-in panel at https://auracle.com/sign_in.php.


Sign In

panel

At the Sign-in panel Auracle has already filled in your username and the cursor waits for your input of the password.

- You can change the auto password to something more memorable on the Admin panel.

Underneat the password field the expiration date of your subscription is displayed.

- Auracle can do this because it placed a cookie on your computer to personalize your sign-in. If you delete your cookies, disallow them or use incognito mode, this info won't be shown and you have to type the username yourself.

On the right side the current transit at your IP address is displayed. Depending on your provider's address and whether you use a VPN, this may not be where you live, but likely close enough to give you a first glimpse of the current transits.

Signing in for the first time

You are taken to the New panel where you enter your own birth data. When complete, you'll find yourself on the Individual panel displaying your own design and Auracle is unlocked in all its glory.

- Pay attention to the interface and read what's written there:
. Confirm each entry with <tab> or <enter>. (You don't have to place the cursor yourself.)
. It's a little unusual for the first time, but works like a charm.
- The date is entered day-month-year, in separate fields. See also New panel.

- Do not skip this step.



You can renew at any time during your subscription and Auracle will add another term to the expiration date.

10 days before your subscription expiration, Auracle will send a renewal notice to your email address.

- This is the only notification you'll get.

In addition, the sign-in panel now offers you a Renewal button.

If you don't renew by the expiration date, your account will be locked and you are granted a grace period of 10 days to renew, after which your accumulated data on Auracle will be deleted.

If you later regret to have let your account expire, you can always sign up for a new account.


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